Aluminium Composite Material

Aluminium Composite Material (ACM), also known as aluminium composite panels (ACP), are flat panels consisting of two thin coil-coated aluminium sheets bonded to a core.


ACM combines two aluminium surface skins most commonly on a polyethylene core. Panels can be printed or vinyl applied and can be used for 2D and 3D applications.


The largest ACM panels available is 4000 X 2000mm, the standard panel sizes are 2400 x 1200mm and 3000 x 1500mm. 

Building Signs

ACM is a very common material used for building signs, please be aware due to changes in building codes ACM is only for building under 3 stories high.

Outdoor Signs

ACM is weather proof and durable, designed
to withstand the elements. That's why it's used for outdoor signage.

Wall Signs

Printing on ACM will guarantee perfect colours and a clean professional look for a extended period of time.